Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Morocco, a land of contrast

In reply to Linda’s comment, I’ve never worked in Morocco, as my heroine Emily does, but I am writing about the country from personal experience.

Morocco is a land of colour and contrasts, a crucible where Africa meets Europe. Step beyond the bustling, modern cities and you find treeless mountain slopes or sweeping, empty horizons. A visitor is instantly struck by the vivid Moroccan palette of colours. Pink buildings, red roof tiles, brightly patterned floor tiles, blue doors, or purple flowers in whitewashed courtyards. Perhaps in reaction to the clarity of the African sun, which drives people indoors at noon. Until the heat of the day abates, the outside world is glimpsed only in stark, bleached contrast to the tranquillity offered by the country’s cool, vibrant interiors.

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  1. Madeleine's exotic romance is definitely one to re-read on a cold winter's evening. And Rafi, Emily's love-interest, isn't half bad either!