Saturday, 31 July 2010

Who do I write like?

I've just had fun exploring the website According to The Times, the site has already had 5 million hits since its launch a few weeks ago, and I can see why. Once you start, it's addictive.

Paste in a few paragraphs of your own work, click on analyse, and up pops a window telling you which well known author's writing style is closest to your own. Flattering, but hardly accurate. I tried it half a dozen times with genuine short opinion pieces I have had published, and was amused to see my non-fiction compared among others to Margaret Attwood, HP Lovecraft, HG Wells, and David Foster Wallace. I think I'll settle for being me, with my own style.

As for my fiction, ENCHANTMENT IN MOROCCO was described as being in the style of Charles Dickens. Romantic? We all know that Dickens revelled in chronicling poverty, double dealing, downfall and ruin. My next book fared better, being compared to Margaret Mitchell. But you'll have to wait until that one is published to judge for yourselves.

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