Sunday, 19 September 2010

My first review: three teacups

Clare Revell published the following review of Enchantment in Morocco in Happily Ever After reviews, rating it Three Teacups.

"The slow pace of Moroccan life, along with its vibrancy and colours, echoes through this charming story. Emily and Rafi are worlds apart in both culture and status, Although sometimes telling rather than showing, the story moves at a fair pace towards a climax I didn't see coming. The characters are well balanced and engaging, complete with flaws they don't bother to hide. Worth reading."

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Lindsay Townsend

Lindsay Townsend, whose thrilling stories of adventure and romance are set in perilous mediaeval times, has featured me on her blog:

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Cooking with rosewater

Make sure you buy edible rosewater from a delicatessen or health food shop. Some products sold for sprinkling on household linen contain diluted rosewater (rose-scented sheets sound delightful, but I have never wasted my life ironing sheets so have never tried this).

For a taste of Morocco, stir a teaspoonful of rosewater into a small tub of thick Greek-style yoghurt to accompany stewed fruit or small sponge cakes. Or add a tablespoonful of rosewater and half a teaspoonful of ground cardamon seeds to any traditional recipe for rice pudding or ground rice pudding.