Sunday, 22 September 2013

Walking the maze


We set off to walk the maze at Alkborough. A desolate setting, high above the mudflats of the Trent and the Humber. Strictly speaking, it is a labyrinth with a single path, rather then a branching maze, and is cut into turf rather than being surrounded by hedges. Set foot in a labyrinth and you become part of a tradition dating back to the Egyptians and the Cretans. So I did my best to follow my companion's instructions to empty my mind of conscious thought. Alas, being someone who always trips over her own feet, that didn’t work, since my conscious mind intervened every few strides to prompt me to do a U-turn if I wanted to stay upright and stay on the narrow path. Instead I thought of the mediaeval monks doing penance by shuffling round the path on their knees. On wet turf that must have been punishment indeed and more conducive to resentment than contrition.

Saturday, 14 September 2013

The Last Leviathans

A sobering, moving evening in the company of Theatre on the Edge. Writer Barrie Wheatley based his play, The Last Leviathans, on a diary kept by the surgeon of the Diana. One of Hull’s last whaling ships, in the winter of 1866 the Diana became trapped in the Arctic ice in Baffin Bay, Canada. The captain and a third of the crew died but the others survived starvation, scurvy and frostbite to sail her safe back to Hull 14 months after her departure. The dialogue sometimes sounded too modern, but clever staging jumped seamlessly between home life in Hull and the privations on board, and the sea shanties gave the play an authentic feel.    

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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The Rescued Heart free on Kindle

For five days, The Rescued Heart is free to download on Kindle. 

Take a tour with me of the charming city of Basel and its eclectic art fair, spiced with a dose of romance.

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