Monday, 14 October 2013

Living with a non-reader

  I married a non-reader. He reads newspapers and magazines and I’m always amazed that he goes through them cover to cover, whereas I skim or skip whole pages. Fiction, however, is a no-go area. Just not interested.
   So when I sold a short ghost story, I pranced around the sitting room waving the acceptance email under his nose before demanding that he read the story then and there. Five single-spaced pages, is that too much to ask?
   I made a cup of tea, while he got as far as the second page. “This is weird. I don’t understand a word of it.” He stuffed the pages out of sight under his chair. “I’ll finish it later.”
   And under the chair the pages will stay, unread, unappreciated, gathering dust—until I retrieve them and our home life goes back to normal, me with my nose in a book while he watches sport on TV. Why disrupt marital harmony?   

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