Sunday, 22 December 2013


The year has turned. Hurrah! In less than a week the onslaught of advertisements for festive food and expensive gifts will be silenced. Come Hogmanay our token decorations will come down, in order to welcome New Year visitors into a clean house.
A few more minutes of daylight each morning and the world feels a hopeful place. We humans’ reaction to the awesome power of sunlight must go back to caveman days, when our ancestors emerged blinking into another dawn, safe from nocturnal predators. Even as I wrap up warm to patrol the beach at dawn, the earth is stirring in its slumber. The first snowdrops will soon appear, and with them the promise that crops will once again push their way through the soil come Spring.

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  1. Happy belated Solstice, and Happy New Year! As one of the new Roses in the bunch, I saw your recent post and came to check out (and follow) your blog. Good luck in 2014!