Tuesday, 29 April 2014


We homed in on it from fifty yards away. A small chest of drawers, dumped on the pavement beside the rubbish bins. Ugly handles and battered feet, but, hey, the wood was sound and the drawers still slid in and out with ease. Oblivious to the stares of passers-by, we circled the object of our covetousness, before common sense came to the rescue.

Twenty years ago, it would have come home with us, to be stripped down and restored to useful life. Twenty years ago, the hours we spent in the back garden, doing up battered finds with a cup of tea to hand, were therapeutic. But now? We have accumulated too much stuff: the house is full; the loft is full; the garage is slowly filling up.

Scrubbing, sanding, repainting and revarnishing now belong to the land of lost content. Time to let the younger generation carry off the plunder.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Invaded by Google+

In my innocence, I volunteered to create a blog for a community group. A short statement of our aims plus a few photos. Easy-peasy, you might think. Think again. Working from my laptop, it proved impossible to erase my own Google+ profile from the new community blog. Using an alternative email address did not prevent Google’s myriad, invasive tentacles identifying me. Somewhere, somehow, there must be an escape option, but non-technical dinosaurs are slow-witted, helpless prey and our privacy has gone forever. 
However, we dinosaurs still remember the old ways. I walked to the local library on my own two feet and created a Blogger account using their computer. Mission accomplished, with the bonus of fresh air and a couple of “wee blethers” along the way.  

Image courtesy of Victor Haddick at www.freedigitalphotos.net