Sunday, 25 January 2015

ENCHANTMENT IN MOROCCO now at 99c or 99p

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A romance set in a magical land at the crossroads of Europe and Africa.

"The story reads like an old-fashioned Harlequin romance. It is a refreshing change once in a while to read a story that is not full of sex scenes and concentrates on the story. The author takes the reader on a very interesting trip to Morocco, and her descriptions of places and people are very good. The plot is very involving and combines romance with a bit of suspense, leading to a very satisfying conclusion. I very much enjoyed this story and hope to read more from this author."
Coffee Time Romance, rating 4 cups

"The slow pace of Moroccan life, along with its vibrancy and colours, echoes through this charming story. Emily and Rafi are worlds apart in both culture and status. The story moves at a fair pace towards a climax I didn't see coming. The characters are well-balanced and engaging, complete with flaws they don't bother to hid. Worth reading."

HEA reviews, rating 3 teacups

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